How It Works

When you sign up for The Woodburning Crate Club, you will receive a box every month with high quality woodburning materials so you can make a pyrography project that you will be proud to display in your home or give as a thoughtful gift to friends and family.

Step 1

Choose your box

Step 2

Choose a frequency

Step 3

Get your package!

Woodburning is satisfying.

All the prep work is not.

When you join the Woodburning Crate Club today, you get all the hard part done for you. All you have left to do is the fun part - burn a new project!

You get...

- the pattern

- the tracing paper

- the wood (or gourd, or leather, or whatever we're burning that month)

- any sealant or hanging hardware you need to finish the piece

 It really is a fun and easy way to try new things, make new projects, and learn pyrography all along the way!

Join the Woodburning Crate Club today!

Now you don't have to think about where to get all the materials to do a woodburning project... or even decide what kind of project to do!

No more running to the store to get the materials you're missing.

This is your chance to do pyrography the easy way. 

Subscribe now to get delightful woodburning projects delivered straight to your door with all the materials you need to make a masterpiece from start to finish, including a video workshop.