Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Woodburning Crate Club?

It's a high quality woodburning subscription box delivered right to your home each month. You get a delightful woodburning project with all the materials you need to burn a masterpiece from beginning to end.

How does it work?

Put the Woodburning Crate Club in your cart. Select how often you want your subscription box to come. Get your goodies delivered to your door! 

What kind of woodburning projects will I get?

Each month is different! You will get a range of projects from month to month - from usable items, to decor you can hang in your home, to gifts that you can share with family and friends. You can also expect holiday themes with your woodburning projects.

Are you ready to subscribe to the Crate Club?

This is your chance to do pyrography the easy way. 

Get delightful woodburning projects delivered straight to your door with all the materials you need to make a masterpiece from start to finish, including a video workshop. Let's burn!