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A little about our mission...

We hear it all the time. "Where can I find a good woodburning project? I'm a beginner and I have no idea where to start!"

Quite honestly, there aren't a whole lot of resources for woodburning artists and crafters. 

We're here to change that.

Pyros like you want a craft that they can make from start to finish, using high-quality wood and beautiful, easy-to-follow patterns that you didn't have to hunt down on your own.  

You want woodburning projects that you can be proud of - projects that you are happy to set on the mantle or delighted to give as gifts.

You want to try unique materials - like gourds and leather - that you might be too nervous to try out otherwise. 

We got you.

That's why we here at Burn Savvy created the Woodburning Crate Club.

You're going to love it.

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This is your chance to do pyrography the easy way. 

Get delightful woodburning projects delivered straight to your door with all the materials you need to make a masterpiece from start to finish, including a video workshop. Let's burn!